Welcome to the Soul Shop!  We are so appreciative that you have decided to visit and learn more about our efforts.  The Soul Shop has been developed to allow our Artists to move to the next step within their evolving into becoming recognized professionals in the field.  You will find a variety of merchandise in the Soul Shop that has been hand crafted in original pieces or where their work is utilized within prints or items such as greeting cards, apparel, jewelry, or items for the home such as rugs and pillows.  Additionally our artists have hand crafted Mezuzah cases, providing a contemporary take on a traditional item.  

At the Dresner Foundation Soul Studio, Artists are introduced to a variety of art making processes specific to their interests. This may include, but is not limited, to painting, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, photography, and creating textiles on our looms.

In addition to this, artists are designing, creating and taking a lead role in the selling of works of art and promotional items that are available in our community and now in the Soul Shop. This program is an opportunity for student-artists to be introduced to a variety of traditional and contemporary art making processes. Staff works with students to find materials and processes specific to their interests and sensibilities. In addition to creative exploration in the arts, we also facilitating opportunities for vocational training in traditional and new technologies, such as our brand new laser cutter.

Thank you again for visiting the Soul Store and enjoy shopping.